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High Capacity Yagyas™

Ved Bhawan is Most Popular for
Yagyas & High Capactiy Yagyas

Ved Bhawan International is world's Biggest, Most Popular and a Multinational Organization for Yagyas and High Capacity Yagyas. These Yagyas are performed by our Scholar & Enlightened Pandits at our 44 Yagya Centers in India and abroad. We perform 800 Standard Yagyas and 1200 different High Capacity Yagyas ranging from Planets, Health, Finance, love, Marriage, Kids & Job to Business, Litigation, Protections, Spiritual power, Groups & Nations. These huge High Capacity Yagyas are performed for Rapid, Strong and Lasting Results dynamically armed with Auto-acceleration Mechanism for the purposes with variations. High Capacity Yagyas are especially performed when there are more individuals involved, when it is for a group of people like family, business or company or where immediate and strong remedy is required. Since 2007 we have been doing these Yagyas, which is our unique technic to produce Dynamic & Guided Results, for hundreds of purposes and we have achieved up to 97% results in last 17 years.
* High Capacity Yagyas™ is the Trademark (with reg. no. 5,093,842/2010) of Ved Bhawan International.

Conventional Yagyas

Conventional Yagyas are done by others and individual pandits in un-organized way. The result is hardly 10%


Standard Yagya are combination of 3 conventional Yagyas done by Ved Bhawan in organized way for Individuals. The result is up to 40%

High Capactiy Yagyas

High Capacity Yagyas™ combine 9-59 Conventional Yagyas done only by Ved Bhawan in dynamic way. The result is up to 97%


High Capactiy Yagyas we do

Business Yagyas

Money Yagyas

Marriage Yagyas

Other Yagyas

Yagyas Yearly
Successful Rate
About Ved bhawan International

A One-Stop Multinational Org for All Your Spiritual Needs

An Organization run by Professors & Scholars of Vedic
Disciplines for Your Spiritual Advancements & Solutions

Ved Bhawan serves you in 144 countries locally in all your spiritual needs such as Yagya Solutions, Astrological Guidance & Education & Coaching for your Spiritual Advancements. Keeping Vedic Knowledge authentic & intact, we Study, Analyze & Apply the powers originating from Spiritual Acts to empower and prosper lives..

10,000+ Trusted Members
Helped Yearly
Ved Bhawan International is 27+ years Popular for Yagyas, Astrology & Vedic Education thru The World
Standard Yagyas for Everyone in Problem

Standard Yagyas for Everyone in Problem

Our Standard Yagyas those fit in everyone's budget can bid good help in problems

High Capacity Yagyas Our Complex Remedy

High Capacity Yagyas Our Complex Remedy

High Capacity Yagyas can Solve Your Problems & Execelerate Success

Astrology Consult, Horoscopes, Services

Astrology Consult, Horoscopes, Services

Online or Personal Astrology Consultations, Horsocopes, Matches, Muhurta & Remedy

Education & Courses Internationally

Education & Courses Internationally

Courses & Private Lessons of Sanskrit, Hindi, Astrology, Karmakand & Hinduism

Free Yagya Recommendation & Help

Our High Capacity Yagyas can Solve Your Problems Repidly!

Our High Capacity Yagyas can help you in all your problems and success including Health, Finance, Work, Income, Love, Marriage, Kids, Litigations & Spiritual life.

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Ved Bhawan International is World's Most Popular Multinational Org voor Yagyas & High Capacity Yagyas, Astrology & Vedic Education having Head Quarters in New York, London, Frankfurt, Sydney & New Delhi.


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